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Welcome to Heinzerling Law Offices! Our staff is dedicated to serving the needs of each and every one of our clients. With over 35 years of legal experience, we are fully dedicated to assisting injured workers and providing them with the representation they deserve. Heinzerling Law Offices is a statewide practice with an established and trusted referral network of medical, chiropractic and psychological professionals. At Heinzerling Law Offices, we provide knowledgeable and professional representation and work with your medical provider to assure that you get the care you need and deserve. At Heinzerling Law Offices, when you hire us we promise to fight for your rights to compensation.

Heinzerling Law Offices specialize in many comprehensive areas related to worker’s compensation, disability and retirement, social security disability along with handling police and fire disabilitity. Trust our over 35 years of experience providing services to our first responders. Call us today for a free consultation!

*Contingency fee for BWC and Social Security claims.

Areas of Practice

Worker's Compensation

The OHIO BWC is a state run agency that administers worker's compensation claims. The BWC puts the burden on each and every claimant to prove that they were injured in the course of and arising out of their employment. The BWC will not offer legal advice, nor will they take any actions to ensure that your claim runs smoothly. Securing additional allowances, filing appeals with an MCO, filing for benefits or enrolling in vocational rehabilitation are the claimants responsibility. Many simply don't know how to go about doing what needs to be done to ensure their claim is filed competently and that they receive the proper benefits. WE CAN HELP! Let our staff direct you with your claim through the BWC process. We have the experience and knowledge to get your claim through the BWC process and the MCO denials/appeals. We will work with your medical provider to ensure your medical treatment is not being wrongly denied.

Disability & Retirement

Police & Fire, VA and Social Security

Sometimes it's just not possible to work as many years as hoped to in a job that you love. The physical and emotional demands of any job particularly those of our first responders and military, can often take their toll and make it impossible to continue with such a rewarding career. At Heinzerling Law Offices...WE UNDERSTAND! Disability retirement is often a sudden and jarring change in todays world of dwindling benefits. There is often uncertainty as how to best approach the system and when to file.

Make an appointment for a FREE consultation so we can review the standards for disability under the system and how best to proceed. We recognize that each case and our clients are unique. We will work with you to offer the best advice based upon our experience and your individual circumstances.